Bajs started his music career in band "Ground" together with his friends Slavenko Stokic -Stole, Sinisa Kostic - Kojo and Boris Pavkovic - Bobi.
Bend played their own songs together with covers.
After few years of work bend fell apart and Bajs joined superband "Left Over" together with Kojo, Bobi Cota and Davor Stankovic - Medo.
Soon after that he started his own band "Sunburn" accompanied by Aleksandar Djukic - Tuki, Branislav Glusac and Mladen Drljaca.
Similar concept as in Ground continued here.
They recorded demo album on English and on the live performances they also played cover songs their favourite bands.
Two years after, Sunburn ended because of member disagreement, and Bajs continued his mission with newly created band "Infrared" in which he invited Kojo, Branislav and drummer Mladen Tubin who was shortly to be replaced with Darko Djuric.
Infrared, completely on Serbian, released demo album "DEMOnstracija istine" breeding ground for their first official album "Intenzivna crna" released under Croatian independent label "Listen Loudest".
Album received excellent criticism from audience and critics on ex-yu territory and soon found itself on almost every alternative magazine and web-zine list with song played on regional and international radio stations.
Album gained the greatest popularity in Croatia thanks to Vladimir Horvat - Horvi, music critic who spotted Bajs' talent in early days. Still, lack of quality scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina together with stupidity of mainstream media left Intenzivna crna in underground domain as a jewel of modern rock.
Bend went on hiatus and left sorrow on fan faces but in Bajs' heart was no creative emptiness.
In late 2008 he started his new project, electro/rock/experimental band called "Kleimor" (at that time Claymore) with help of his friend Bojan Dakic - Dax.
Combination of ambiental and half-distorted vocals, guitars, bass and laptop matrices, through groovy dance vibes brought new sound on the so-called Bosnia and Herzegovina scene.
Wherever they performed, they were greatly excepted and soon they grown image of an original and authentic band who didn't give a damn about genre combining everything that crossed through those two guys' mind.
In May of 2009 they released first album "Metronome" under Listen Loudest label, which was re-released next year with name changed to Metro(G)nome for Serbia's Crime:Scene Records with two songs extra.
Bend was already working on new material and in September of 2011 they released second album "Kamaloka."
Shorter "Limited" version of album with eight songs on it went out under Bulgarian Amadea Records and full issue contained thirteen songs and was released for Crime:Scene.
Every critic of Kamaloka was two thumbs up five stars, with, of course, help of guest artists, Mikka from band dreDDup and Bozana from Kul Bo.
In the summer of 2012 Dario Zujic joined band as support the drummer on the tour.
Both Kleimor and Infrared were featured on several ex-yu compilation albums.
In late 2012 Kleimor went on hiatus.
Some things did however continue so in the 2014 band admitted a new member Denis Knezevic and was absolutely blasted and blessed with new kugelschreibe bass-saw sound so the engine steamed up and till now the third album is almost at its way to studio. That means that 80% of material is ready with great tendencies to be profound with new ideas while those 20% wrap up the whole concept.